By 7/3/21 Michaela, Todd, and I will have spent 3–THREE!–July thirds together. So while COVID-19 threw many wrenches in many a plan, I’ll take this one as a positive.

When Michaela and Todd made the tough decision to move their wedding to 2021, they decided they couldn’t get wait to get married; so that’s exactly what they did. They celebrated with a small wedding ceremony at The Maritime Center in Scituate, on the high holy day of July 3rd (it’s a Scituate thing, you just wouldn’t understand) and their absolute closest family and friends in attendance.

Michaela arrived to the First Look in her late grandfather’s vintage Porsche.

When we talk about “socked in” this is it, but honestly? it was kind of next level foggy, but OOOHHHH was it perfection for photos.

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