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If I sound like a broken record, you can all blame my awesome couples; it’s totally their fault. I really do love them. I could not, NOT love them to pieces!! (Please, do not question the grammar in that sentence.) Truly, Krista and Steve made it highly impossible to not love them, as did both their amazing families, bridal party extraordinaire, and friends – many of whom I knew, as well. The day was amazingly loving and fun-filled, from the absolute start to finish.

Krista – I knew from the minute I met you, and Steve’s mom, Julie, at my house – I wanted in. Julie, is, in fact, is one of my new most favorite people in the world, btw. I *might’ve mentioned to her* I wanted to come to her house to hang out with her, because I was going to miss her when the wedding was over. PS She said I could. PSS Little does she know, I really might.

I know I work an incredible amount, sometimes, not talking to my friends for a little bit, but when I have brides like Krista, I forget that she’s not my friend… I mean, she is now, but obviously, she came to me as a client. Honestly? This is why I don’t mind the long hours, or the hard work… I have people like Krista there by my side, through it all.

It mustn’t go unnoted, that I appreciate how amazingly patient my couples are with me. I completely can understand the excitement and anticipation of seeing your wedding images, and how hard it must be to wait for them. Yesterday, I texted Krista, to tell her about the images being ready, etc, and when I thanked  them for their patience, and also for their general overall awesomeness, she texted me back:

“I would’ve waited a million times longer to have them done by you, instead of someone else.”

Wow. So, just when I’m getting down on myself for thinking I’m a failure in some way, my amazing clients pull me right out of it – there are no words for the gratitude I have for how blessed I’ve been with my couples. So thank you.  One of my other most favorite mom’s in the world, Kathie Newhall, with her son Brent. Kathie had Steve and all the groomsmen at her house getting ready for the big day. She rules. LOOOOVE me a First Look!!! I love capturing the raw emotion that comes from doing one. Family formals… So, here’s a pop quiz… Can you guess which family is the, 100% Irish and Scituate family? (I know it’s a tough one, but just gimme one guess.)Thanks to Sue Chessia, florist extraordinaire for allowing us to use her yard (again) for all the portraits! (She also did the amazing flowers!)


Thank you both, and your families for being so amazing to me. I felt the love, for sure. xoxoxo kat




  1. GM Studio on March 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Kat,

    I really love your style and your pictures, they are really fresh and vibrant.

    I love the ones at the top where the bride is getting ready.

    Fantastic job.

  2. Nancy Nowik on February 2, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Are you available on July 8,2017 and what are your prices?

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