Cara + Brett // Scituate Family Photographer

Duxbury Beach Session

I’ve known Cara for so long, I’m not even going to write how many years… but I’m fortunate for knowing her. In thinking of Cara, it reminds me of the quote by William Shakespeare — ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!’ While this next sentence is so overused and trite, I do just need to say it anyway… she really is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside–while also being a smart and talented business person. This might sound like I have a girl crush, well, maybe I do… with all those qualities why wouldn’t I? :)

Her and Brett have built a very successful restaurant business together, and I find that so admirable (side bar, shout out for their amazing restaurant Orta in Pembroke–you must go there, it’s a great place, and incredibly yummy!) they have also created this beautiful family. I can tell you with 100% certainty, these two have it–in spades. With kids, and owning a business together, plus all the ups & downs that life sometimes seems to hurl at you… they have an incredible relationship, and an adorable family. Those two little boys, Jude and Luca, are the sweetest little things; also evidence to the home Cara and Brett have created, and the love and support they give them. It was so enjoyable to have spent the evening with them, it made me warm and happy on the inside (and that wasn’t just the wine.)

You guys are the best, I mean that from my heart. I’m incredibly grateful you saw something in my work you felt would properly document your love, your life, and your family… and I thank you for that, I am truly honored to have been the one to do so. xoxoxo



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