What is there to know about me? Well, I'll fill you in.

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All my work revolves around the ocean–between my Beach Family Sessions, Seaside Senior Portraits, and Nautical Weddings; the ocean has been, and always will be, my happy place. 

My signature style – I love the in-between moments; glances between a newly married couple, a dad consoling his 2 year old son who thinks this particular hour of his life is the worst ever... those tiny snippets of time, which are only witnessed by me… I document those for my clients. 

While there are many aspects of my work I love, I consider myself the documentarian of my clients' lives. Between the families I shot when I first started, who now have children in college, to the couples whose engagement sessions and weddings I've  shot, who now have families of their own–it’s completely magical. They’re a part of my heart–my clients, and it gives me such joy. And seeing the kids, year after year? Man - it’s a phenomenal feeling.

Get in touch – I'd be honored to share this all with you, too.

kat xo


Things I love:
the month of July [especially the 4th]
dogs... all the dogs
big storms [the scarier the better]
American flags
the way the sun shines on the ocean and makes it all shimmery and sparkly
color-coding stuff
how I feel when I hear The Star-Spangled Banner

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